What I Offer

Through my work, I help others to reconnect to their deepest Self and Re-member their connection to that true essence.


I capture the inner beauty of what I paint; the higher Truth, the higher Self, and the mystery and majesty of the soul. I re-envision our world and to help re-create it, one beautiful step at a time.

I give artists who want to live their passion the strategies and tactics to free themselves from fear, channel the Truth that they know in their heart, and bring it into physical reality.

I filter out the noise, identifying the core thread that needs to be pulled in order to unravel the messes so that they can be rewoven into something that is at once beautifully intricate and stunningly simple in its function.

Nature is my guide. It is the ultimate teacher; complex beyond our imagination and simple in the way that it operates. 

My Story

I couldn't see clearly when I was born. Something was wrong with my eyes; my retinas. Doctors said that I would never be able to function like a normal person because of my vision. In part, they were right.

I developed an inner sight One that lets me see the world beyond the senses, beyond the physical realm. In my work, I share that vision with the world.

Something cannot be created out of nothing. In art, there is an alchemical process that takes place. Emotions, numbers, and concepts are transformed into something that is observable. My work is the culmination of years of studying life at its depths and experiencing its joy, sadness, chaos, order, all of it. I enjoy being creative because creativity fuels me. It gives me a feeling of both freedom and connection.

As painter, a designer, a writer, a teacher, a medicine man, I am always a student. And I've spent the last ten years studying health, nutrition, and natural medicine. I've spent my entire life studying art. 

I am building this not for me, not on my own. But for and with something greater than myself. Together, we are building a community for creators to thrive and reveal beauty to the world. So, join me and share this conversation.

I sell my art, I do commissions, I freelance, and I teach. If you'd like to know more, please ask!